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What To Do

If you or someone you know has been recently sexually assaulted, seek safety, medical attention and support.


Safety is the priority. If the victim is in danger, call 911.

Kentucky State Police emergency number: 1-800-222-5555

Medical Attention

Medical attention should be given as soon as possible for proper treatment and collection of evidence. Medical professionals will care for physical injuries and test for sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to AVOID BATHING and NOT CHANGE CLOTHES, BRUSH TEETH, USE THE RESTROOM, EAT, or DRINK until evidence has been collected.


Offer the victim as much support as he/she would like. Recommend counseling to begin the healing process. New Beginnings offers counseling services that are free and confidential.

Contact Us

To contact a New Beginnings therapist, please call 800-226-7273 or visit our contact page.