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Evidence Collection Parts of a SAFE (sexual assault forensic examination) 'rape kit'

DNA evidence may be collected up to 96 hours after an assault. A person may do all, none, or just some part of this voluntary kit. A person may start and then completely stop having the kit done. Some of these may not be done, depending on the kind of assault.

  • Victim’s medical history
  • Victim’s descriptions of sexual assault
  • Taking blood sample
  • Undressing, providing underwear, clothing, and shoes as evidence
  • Combing of pubic hair
  • Pulling out 30 pubic hairs
  • Swabbing of vagina or penis
  • Swabbing of external genitalia
  • Swabbing of anus
  • Swabbing of mouth
  • Swabbing of cheeks
  • Swabbing other parts of body for dried secretions


  • A sexual assault nurse examiner (R.N., SANE) may perform evidence collection with patients 14+ years old in the E.R.
  • Any qualified medical professional in the E.R. may perform evidence collection on patients of any age-child or adult.
  • In some cases children may be referred to a Child Advocacy Center (CAC) for the medical exam.