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2021-2024 Strategic Plan

The 3-year strategic plan for FY 21-24 serves as a road map for the future of New Beginnings. This plan supports the bigger picture that together we will shape a better experience and service for our clients and community. As the only rape crisis center in our region, we are charged with addressing the challenges and barriers that confront our clients. We have a moral imperative to implement practices that will be impactful and meaningful. It should be evident both internally and externally that the plan compels the agency toward effective action.

We have built our strategic plan and mission after extensive consultation with past and present board members, past and present employees, and clients who have utilized services. This approach has created a shared vision of ideas and given us key points to prioritize. It has also helped us to define how this implementation process will proceed.

As a crisis center whose nucleus is trauma, we have already instituted best practices in therapeutic care as well as focusing our education efforts on prevention-based programming.
A 10-year synopsis shows we have provided:

     • Therapy services to 4243 individuals
     • 19782 counseling sessions
     • 4135 advocacy services
     • 6810 crisis calls
     • 9141 education programs to 366759 individuals
     • Volunteers contributed 153,817 hours

The foundation of this plan builds on our strengths but also propels us forward in new directions. This plan already reinforces what makes us successful and that is our excellence of care, inclusivity, and our longstanding commitment to the prevention of violence.

While the plan is broad in its scope, it contains clear priorities with measurable outcomes. We will of course be adaptable to external changes but also hold steadfast in these ambitions moving forward. We are blessed with an extraordinary opportunity
and daily inspiration…making a profound difference in every person we encounter.

To that end, this plan is our sincere commitment to grow as an agency and create a safer community.

You can access the full strategic plan guidebook here.