Apply for Board Membership

Thank you for your interest in being a board member! We are excited that you have decided to make a difference in your community by taking a proactive stance against sexual violence.

Our Board of Directors meets monthly every third Tuesday at 5:30. Board meetings typically last no more than an hour but we make a great impact in a short amount of time!

Our Board is responsible for the governance of the agency by overseeing its programs and finances. As a non-profit agency, we do rely on fundraisers and our board leads that charge. Currently, we host golf scramble, bingo, and cookout events. These events require a team effort to make them successful. As a board member, you will be asked to participate in making this event a success.

The board, staff, and advocates of New Beginnings hope you decide to be a part of our team. Simply fill out the application on this page. We will get in touch with you if your application is approved.

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