Education Programs

New Beginnings provides numerous courses, for groups of all ages, geared to prevent and confront the tragedy of sexual assault.

Programs will vary with each age group and can be modified to suit your needs.

This is not a comprehensive list; there are many more programs available from New Beginnings. Please contact us to learn more or to schedule a program for your group.

Green Dot

The Green Dot violence prevention initiative is gaining popularity around the state. There is a renewed sense of hope that the collective impact of individual actions can indeed result in a reduction of violence.

A Green Dot is any behavior, choice, word, or attitude that counters or displaces violence – by promoting safety for everyone and communicating utter intolerance for sexual violence, interpersonal violence, stalking, and child abuse.

If you are interested in bringing a Green Dot presentation to your business, organization please contact us.

Good Touch, Bad Touch

Pre-School through 6th Grade

Good Touch, Bad Touch is a tool to teach children special skills they need to help them stay safe and will enable children to prevent or interrupt abuse, including sexual abuse. The course also teaches how to deal with bullies, how to handle feelings of anger or sadness as well as “stranger danger.”

It works by teaching children what abuse is, by giving them skills development and by empowering them into action if threatened or victimized.

Good Touch, Bad Touch is a child-abuse prevention program designed for Pre-school through 6th grade as a tool to teach children the skills they need.

Good Touch, Bad Touch can be either a one-day or a three-day program.

Pre-School 20 minutes/day
Kindergarten 30 minutes/day
1st-4th Grades 45 minutes/day
5th-6th Grades 1 hour/day


Good Touch, Bad Touch was developed over a period of three years and was evaluated with more than 24,000 children, their parents, and classroom teachers. The program teaches children vital safety skills on developmental level compatible with their age group. The lessons are positive and taught through values such as respect for self and others, compassion, humor, honesty, caring and responsibility.

NetSmartz Internet Safety

All Ages

NetSmartz Internet Safety is an exciting interactive programs for kids of all ages. There are different courses geared for grades K-2, 3-6, tweens, teens, and parents!

The program educates audiences on the tactics of internet sexual predators, addresses sexual exploitation and solicitation, and explains effective safety practices. Kids really get involved and love these programs!


Grades K-2 / 3-5

Many children today are victims of bullying. This program will teach children how to deal with bullies and use respect to get along with others.

Bullying is a 45-minute program.

Girl Power!

Grades 5-8

Girl Power! is a prevention and education course for pre-adolescent girls addressing the significant correlation between sexual assault and drug and alcohol abuse. The curriculum addresses identity, diversity, communication, decision-making, drug and alcohol prevention, and sexual assault prevention.

The goal of Girl Power! is to help girls build personal and social competency skills that empower them to promote personal safety in their lives.

Girl Power! is a weekly series that runs for six or 12 weeks and is ideal for after school programs.

Building Healthy Relationships

Grades 3-12

Building Healthy Relationships is based upon three basic lessons, teaching a student to differentiate between harassment and mutual respect, utilize effective communication and negotiation skills to prevent and resolve conflicts, and ultimately to recognize the components of a healthy relationship as well as harassment relationships.

While the topic of each lesson will be stated in different terms for the various grade levels, the principles will remain essentially the same. This program is designed to help students make healthier choices now and later in life.

Grades 3-4 Two-day course, 30 minutes/day
Grades 5-12 Three-day course, 30 minutes/day

Step In and Speak Up!

Grades 5-8

Step In and Speak Up! teaches students how to deal with bullies and be a better bystander based on the bystander intervention model of bullying prevention. It explores the dynamics of bullying and helps participants to develop practical solutions to bullying based on individual experiences in their school and communities. Students will get to participate in real-life role-playing scenarios.

Step In and Speak Up! is a one-day, 60-minute course.

Be Brave

Grades 6-8

Be Brave is a bystander intervention program that teaches the importance of making choices to stand up, take action, and do something to help others being hurt.  The students will develop skills & confidence when responding or intervening to concerns they see around them at school or play.  The hope is for the students to leave feeling empowered to Be Brave enough to make a difference!  The students will have fun by being actively involved using art, music, & acting skills.

Peer Sexual Harassment – The Bully, The Bullied and the Bystander: Helping Them All

Grades 7-8

This program will define harassment as it pertains to the school setting. Teens often do not think about their actions towards others. We will give examples of harassing behaviors that students either experience or see at school. Consequences of these actions, both emotional and legal, are impressed upon the students. Students will also learn risk reduction and coping mechanisms should this happen to them.

Peer Sexual Harassment is a one-day, 45-minute course.

Date Rape and Club Drugs

Grades 9-12, College

Statistically, teens make up the largest age group for victims of sexual assault. The course discusses the myths and facts of rape and presents statistics. The presentation is packed with the latest information on drugs used in drug-facilitated sexual assault including Ecstasy, GHB, Ketamine and Rohypnol. It also provides information on protection techniques, what to do if you are a victim, and how to assist someone who may be a victim.

Students will also experience true-life stories of teens that were given these drugs and the consequences they endured.

Date Rape and Club Drugs is a one-day, 60-minute program.

SIgns and Symptoms of Child Sexual Abuse

Parents and Professionals

This course is designed to teach parents, teachers, caregivers and other adults how to recognize the signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse. It will help adults to understand the myths and facts surrounding this crime, what sexual abuse is, how to recognize patterns and behaviors of sexual predators, and how to teach children personal body safety skills. It will also cover what to do if you believe your child has been sexually abused.

Signs and Symptoms of Child Sexual Abuse is a one-day, 60-minute program.

Innocence Shattered

School Staff and Parents

Innocence Shattered is a program geared to help school personnel and parents better understand the appropriate professional boundaries between school staff and students. The course explains and helps recognize the offender’s tactics and the impact they have on their victims.

Innocence Shattered is a one-day, 35-minute program.


Coaching Boys into Men

Middle & High School

Coaching Boys into Men is to train coaches on how to teach their boys respect and how to have healthy relationships on and off the field.  This program is used by the NFL & the NBA.

Coaching Boys into Men is a 12 card series once a week for 15 minutes.

My Life My Choice

Middle & High School Girls

My Life My Choice is a 10 session curriculum on prevention unhealthy relationships/sexual exploitation among adolescent girls.  It will help them recognize the red flags on an unhealthy relationship and to learn how to prevent in from happening in their own lives.