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Green Dot program published in National Journal

Seven years ago New Beginnings was part of a statewide effort to reduce violence in high schools through the Green Dot program.  The evaluation of this project spanned 5 years and roughly 80,000 students.  Prevention educators from all 13 rape crisis centers presented this bystander intervention program to 13 high schools across the state.  An additional 13 schools were chosen as control schools and did not receive the training.  The results were amazing!  We were able to reduce victimization by 17% which in the world of research, is a fantastic reduction.  Recently the hard work paid off as the study just got published in the Journal for Preventative Medicine and Green Dot will now be listed on the CDC website as a proven prevention program.  Many thanks to our prevention educators, school administrators, the research team, the Centers for Disease Control for funding the evaluation project and last but certainly not least, the thousands of students across the bluegrass that participated!  Here is a link to the article if you would like to read more about the process.