End Child Sex Trafficking Campaign Learn the signs. Stop the abuse.

Human trafficking is modern day slavery. When anyone under the age of 18 is solicited, advertised, or exploited through commercial sex, it is considered child sex trafficking. Commercial sex describes when sexual activity is traded for something of value; this could be money, drugs, food, or even shelter. Contrary to popular belief, most of the time, the trafficker is someone the victim knows and trusts.

New Beginnings, with support from grant no. VAWA 2020 Ri00734, has developed posters and other print materials to explain what child sex trafficking looks like in Kentucky and the steps you can take to help. Our goal is to spark a community dialogue about this hidden, often unrecognized, rapidly growing crime.

Child sex trafficking is an incredibly complex issue, and there are different ways children are trafficked. The internet has also contributed to a rise in child sex trafficking cases internationally. In a world where predators are just a click away, every child is at risk. Please take the time to review these materials and educate yourself on potential human trafficking indicators.

Children are often unable to recognize when they are being trafficked. When the predator is someone the child has placed their confidence in, it is easy for the abuse to be normalized. It is up to the trusted adults in these children’s lives to recognize the signs and intervene when necessary.

Here you can access print-friendly versions of our posters and one-pager.

If you are interested in professionally printed materials for your office or organization, please reach out to our Client Assistant Coordinator: [email protected]

In addition to the one-pager, we have pocket-sized brochures, and posters in the following sizes: 8.5″x11″, 11″x17″, & 22″x28″